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Outfit Ideas for your Boudoir Session, Besides Lingerie!

Updated: 7 days ago

woman laying across chair with crochet shirt

Let's chat about some other boudoir outfit ideas, that have nothing to do with the lingerie store! These options are bound to add a little spice and variety to your next session.


Rock it out in one of these! With the buttons, we can keep it modest or sultry - whichever you prefer.

A sheer dress:

Is it less is more or more or less? A sheer material can tease the eye and is perfect for someone who isn't quite ready to wear a spicy set.


Whether it be yours or your partner's jacket, this is a fun way to get in the mood while keeping

your session cozy and relaxed.

A fancy dress:

This is a great option for those wanting to keep it tasteful yet mysterious. A unique dress can be styled in different ways while still being sexy.

A bed sheet:

Wrap yourself in bedding for classic and timeless boudoir photos. There are different poses you can play around with, and it's seductive and sweet!

Faux Fur coats:

If you're wanting to cover areas while still playing the peek-a-boo game, this is a cool idea with a bit of flair!

Ask us about more options from our client closet!


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