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Let's Talk Prepping for your Boudoir Session

Updated: Feb 27

Don't know how to prepare for your session? We have got you covered. These sessions are a bit more intimate in nature and are sometimes done as a gift to a significant other or "just because". We understand that not everyone feels the most confident in their skin. The goal is to boost your confidence, have fun, and feel gorgeous, in a safe and comfortable setting. Now how to get ready?

Like we said before...

CONFIDENCE IS KEY. Basically every woman on the planet is self conscious about something … But you, my darling have something special – something that others can see in you and that we do our best to highlight in photos! In the weeks leading up to your session, make sure to pay yourself some compliments. Daily affirmations that focus on your inner and outer beauty can do wonders to help that light shine for others to see!

YES, GLAMOUR + BOUDOIR SESSION SHOW A LOT OF SKIN. Make sure you cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize well the week leading up to your session. Avoid self-tanners, excess sun exposure, or beauty products you haven’t used before to limit skin discolorations, burns, tan lines or skin reactions right before your session.

INCORPORATE PLENTY OF WATER & HEALTHY WHOLE FOODS with good fats and vitamins to help achieve that healthy glow from within and help you feel your best. Eat good, feel good!

COME TO YOUR SESSION WITH AN OPEN MIND AND HEART as well as a fresh, clean face. Yes we do include makeup in our sessions. But more importantly it's all about jumping in and really trusting the process. If you have fun and let the nerves go, we promise you'll end up with some shots you adore!


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