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Family is a gift that lasts forever. As a family, we know that one of your top priorities is finding a photographer who can capture your family’s story for you to cherish for years to come. In our busy digital world, it is easy for the moments with your family to come and go in a blink of an eye and without a means of preservation, they can be lost forever.


At Red Cedar Studios, we embrace a hands-on approach with each one of our families to make sure we capture what is important to you and highlight the uniqueness of each family member. We also like to keep sessions light and fun - especially helpful for little ones that might not want to sit still too long for photos!



Session Design Consultation

When it comes to doing anything as a family, having a plan is always a good idea – right? At our session design consultation, we’ll learn about your family’s story and chat about session locations, wardrobe, and poses. We’ll also guide you through our process as we talk about the various ways we can preserve these memories for generations. In studio or video consultations are available to suit any convenience level!


On Location Photography

For your family portrait session, we can travel up to 50 miles from our studio location in Spokane Valley. Our sessions take us to some pretty amazing locations! This means we have the flexibility to go somewhere that means something to your family. Our sessions typically last up to 45-90 minutes, so think of it as a fun family outing.


Print Design Consultation

About 2 weeks after your session, we will have the photos ready for proofing and you will get the special opportunity to choose your favorites and order the right print products for your family. We will go over each of our print options in detail with you. A digital version of all purchased images will be available in an online gallery after your print design appointment.


Family photography is an important investment as your preserve these precious moments in time with photographs that will last a lifetime and beyond. A session deposit of $500 ($250 session fee + $250 minimum investment) is collected when we book your family session, and the minimum investment will be used towards any print products you wish to order at your print design appointment.


You only buy the photos that you love! Most families invest between $1,000 and $2,000 for heirloom products to display in their homes and gifts to pass on to relatives and friends.

Contact us for more details, or schedule a consultation below.


How exciting! We would love to sit down and chat about your family, all the personalities and discuss the details of your perfect family portrait session! Booking your free consultation is easy. Pick your time using our online scheduling software. We’ll e-mail you to confirm the details, and we’ll see you soon!

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