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Eliminating Common Fears About Boudoir Sessions

Updated: 4 days ago

We've heard common myths and fears from people about why they don't do boudoir. It's time to get rid of those fears once and for all!

We know it's intimidating to do something you've never done before. But in all honesty, there's nothing to worry about. It's normal to be too shy and nervous. Trust us. We, professionals, have been there once upon a time! It simply means you're out of your comfort zone. But being fearful and holding back will not allow growth. Don't waste your energy on what could go wrong, but instead, have trust and think about what could go right!

One fear is... not having anything to wear. Come on! Now is the time to shop and have fun!

We offer a full client closet with plenty of options if you aren't wanting to shop. Worst case, welcome to the no-pants club and bring your favorite oversized t-shirt! Remember, boudoir photographers can make magic happen with a simple bed sheet as well.

If you're worried about showing your body in front of a stranger (the photographer), here's my

advice: A good photographer won't ever push you. If you aren't comfortable yet, we will

recognize that and work with it. A good photographer will know how to break down those walls and have YOU feeling ready!

If you think you aren't going to feel sexy, think again. You won't look ridiculous. You're going to look amazing. We will pose you, hype you up, and play some awesome music. We want you to be comfortable and have fun!

One of the most common and silly fears is caring what others might think. This is for you. You

don't have the same mindset as everyone else, nor should you. Not everyone will understand

why you want to do it. Don't live for others. Instead, live for yourself and don't limit yourself to

what others might say or think. Plus you will walk away with some gorgeous, confidence inspiring photos.

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