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What To Look For in a Venue; Getting Ready Suites

There are so many important factors to look at when choosing a venue. Typically the priorities are location, budget, and capacity. After you've narrowed down your options there are some big difference makers between venues. One of those is, does it have a getting ready area or suite?

Venues that include a space to get ready in are a huge value add for several reasons. It means you won't need to arrange for a separate hotel, airbnb, or friends home to do hair and makeup. You won't need to rush from location to location which definitely decreases some stress. Generally you're also allowed to store your things there during the day and can pop back in for touch ups or even a dress change! The convenience of being in one spot is a game changer on your wedding day.

As photographers we love a space that is light and bright. Windows are wonderful! We love a place where you can get into your dress without a lot of surrounding clutter. A private getting ready room secluded from the rest of the decorating and setup is amazing for these beautiful moments (and so your spouse doesn't accidentally see you before your first look).

Here's a list of some lovely venues in the Spokane and CDA area that offer bridal suites or getting ready areas:

Beacon Hill

Firebrand Cocolalla

The Venue at the Reeds

Patsy Clark Mansion

Montvale Event Center

Mont Lamm

Fox Wood House

Lavender Manor

Belles on the Bluff

The Ridge at Greenbluff

The Hitchin Barn

Glover Mansion


Cider Mountain

If you're aiming for a specific look or ambience that includes a well lit and spacious getting ready area, ask your photographer. They typically have visited quite a few venues and can offer some great ideas.


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