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Wedding Coordinators & Prep. What Your Photographers Want You to Know

Updated: Nov 8

Two of the biggest things that affect your photography timeline, stress, and preparedness on your wedding day are:

  1. Having a wedding coordinator

  2. Knowing your prep time

Allow us to enlighten you with some advice! After years of capturing every beautiful moment on wedding days, we've learned some things. We want to share in hopes that your big day goes smoother because of it.

When it comes to weddings, the bride should not be running around coordinating with vendors, decorating, and making sure everything's set for the day. The bride should be relaxing and getting ready surrounded by her favorite people! The best way we've found to make this happen? Coordinators! A wedding coordinators job is to make your day less stressful, more organized, and running on time! They touch base with vendors and allow you to do your own thing. When you're on time, relaxed, and have details in order, we can get right down to taking beautiful photos of the day.

The second thing that will help create a timely, and stress-free day, is knowing how much time you have for prep! Create your schedule way in advance and allow plenty of time for getting ready. We know you want to look your very best, so let's make time for it! Talk to your make-up and hair artists to ensure you have time allowed for each. You'll want some extra for putting on your dress, eating breakfast or lunch, and the smaller details like shoes, veil, and if you have gifts for your bridal party. Making time for all of these things will ensure you aren't running behind schedule, you're looking gorgeous, and you're ready to go for photos!

Things you don't want to be doing the morning of:

-Rushing through glam

-Running around trying to find your florist or DJ or wondering where the caterers should set up

-Calling people while you're getting your hair done to finalize your schedule for the day

While we can absolutely adjust and go with the flow to make your day amazing, regardless of hiccups, these are just a few sceneries we've seen that could've been prevented with the tips we just shared! We want you to look and feel amazing. Trust us, it's worth having people on your team and a well planned timeline!

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