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Something to look forward to

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

After the initial shock of the COVID "lockdown" wore off and our little family settled into hunkering down, I have to say I was just sad. I had plans. Excitement for Spring. I wanted to build my Spring family portfolio. I wanted to be hopeful for our two Spring weddings (those eventually were postponed to September). I even submitted a "clarification" inquiry to Washington state to see if we could conduct limited sessions with social distancing measures in place.... it was a no. Feeling the internal struggle between being scared about the health impacts of the virus and mourning the temporary loss of my livelihood has been a challenge.

I know I'm not alone when I say we all need something to look forward to. So.... time for plan V.

I decided to just focus on being there (virtually). Being a positive force (virtually).... and maybe, just maybe, some will hear the message through the storm. Social media these days is a loud and crowded room, and my introverted self does not excel at being heard when things get loud.

So amidst the chaos, the questions, all the opinions ..... just know we are here. We WANT to talk about how we can make the perfect portrait session for you. We WANT to do it safely for the benefit of everyone. We are grateful for the tools that allow us to meet virtually and allow us to stick to our high touch process.


If you are interested in planning something to look forward to you for your family, schedule a video chat with us! Our online scheduler allows a choice between a Zoom Video Consultation or a Phone Consultation. Pick the best time for you! We hope to see you soon :)


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