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Mrs. Spokane County for America 2020 - in Studio!

I don't think I've ever met someone as dynamic and involved in her community as Larayna Yevtushuk. She's running for the title of Mrs. Washington for America this year as Mrs. Spokane County! We had the amazing opportunity to have her in studio for some headshots.

In addition to her local title, Larayna is a financial planner with Northwestern Mutual, is founder of the Spokane Ladies Business Network, is a wife and a mom to 2 adorable kids, and is an all around amazing person to spend time with. She came in with some lovely jewel-toned dresses which we photographed in our natural light studio, then did crown and sash photos in our strobe studio!

Hair Stylist: Robin Shute Peltier

Makeup Artist: Columbia Levine


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