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Jacobs Photography is now Red Cedar Studios!

We did it! We changed our name. There's a bit of a back story here, so we hope you'll tag along to find out the inspiration behind the new name.

We started our photography business, Jacobs Photography, in 2015. Erica had been doing photography for a few years and was starting to build up her repertoire of portraits and weddings and a year after Bob and Erica were married, Erica bought Bob a camera and started involving him in on the fun! With our complimentary natures, we made an incredible team for weddings and developed a process to capture the unique love stories for our couples and preserve them in beautiful books, albums and heirloom print options.

In 2018, following the birth of our son Timothy, we leased our first studio space! At around 800 Sq Ft, it wasn't much, but it did serve as the launching pad for serving portrait and commercial clients. We were able to mirror much of the same process built for wedding clients on the portrait side and preserving the moments we captured became a hallmark for the service provided to families, high school seniors and other portrait clients. The next year, we developed and launched a complimentary new brand, Spokane PhotoBooth, aimed at serving event clients with photobooth and DJ/MC services. As that brand grew, we found the need for more storage space! So when a nearby space opened up that was perfect to house both photography and photobooth brands, we jumped at the opportunity. At 2400 square feet, the new studio provides ample space for client meetings, many types of photography sessions (even with long lenses!), collaborations with other creatives, operations, and of course, storage.

As both brands have grown, Bob and Erica have embraced a team mentality for serving wedding and event clients with additional assistants and associates. A brand change for Jacobs Photography was appropriate to position the company to expand capacity to serve and we chose our new name based on the inspiration of the old cedar grove on the family property in Montana.

As you capture little details of this place, a sense of history really comes to light. You see the paths worn through the forest, you see the burnt stumps - evidence of the 1910 wildfire that tore through the area, the tree rings tell a story of the growth and the challenges that tree went through. The goal is to honor your history in our work. In many regions and cultures of the world, the cedar tree represents something.... longevity, preservation, nobility, connection with the ground, and strength. Preservation is at the heart of what we do and in that we feel connection with where we've been and where we are going. This little cedar grove on our family property is very much the inspiration behind our new name, Red Cedar Studios.

In case you are wondering... even with a new name, we want to reinforce what is NOT CHANGING..

  • It will still be us behind the magic: Bob and Erica Jacobs. We will still be serving local wedding couples, families and businesses.

  • The values we hold capturing connection, story telling, and preserving memories for our clients are not changing; they may even be more represented by our new brand.

  • Our location is not changing; operations will still be based at our full service studio in Spokane Valley with service areas covering the Inland Northwest.

  • The content, portfolio and information available on our website will remain constant.

Thank-you for tagging along on this journey with us - we truly appreciate all the amazing feedback and support we have received through the name change process!


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