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COVID Phase 2 Studio Policies

Spokane is Open for Business - We are pretty excited too!

Business is open, but it's definitely not "business as usual". While we try to generally keep things clean, times such as these call for a little extra care in the sanitation department.


On May 15th, we received guidelines to meet for re-opening, so our studio policies are in accordance to those guidelines.


* All sessions and in person meetings are conducted by appointment only with at least a 1 hour buffer to ensure sanitation of all facilities and props/equipment and prevent overcrowding due to appointment overlap.

* We encourage use of Zoom video conference for Portrait, Wedding, Branding and Print consultations.


* Wellness check will be requested of clients prior to appointment and session will be rescheduled if anyone is not feeling well.

* Photographer will wash hands before and after session and use hand sanitizer for on location sessions.

* Photographer will wear mask.

* Only parties involved in photography session and those of immediate household will be allowed in studio at the time of the session.

* Every effort will be made by the photographer to maintain 6 feet of separation while conducting session and use contact-free posing.


* Product will be delivered curbside.


* All surfaces, props, and equipment used during session/meeting (staging area, meeting area, bathroom/changing room) will be sanitized before & after session/meeting.

* Washable soft props (blankets, wardrobe, etc) used during session will be bagged following the session and washed before next use. Non-washable soft props will be treated with disinfectant spray and aired out for a minimum of 2 days before next use.

* Entire studio will be vacuumed, swept, and mopped with disinfectant each day of use.


We are blessed to be an owner operated low volume studio and have amazing relationships with our clients - so we expect that these measures will not be a huge impact to the session experience.

If you are ready to capture amazing moments, schedule your portrait consultation below!


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